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Officer Staff

The Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) Branch consists of approximately 7,500 officers whose primary duty is the safety, supervision, administration and training of Royal Canadian Sea, Army, and Air Cadets. The Branch is the largest single group within the Canadian Forces reserve force subcomponent Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS) and is the largest officer branch in the Canadian Forces.The COATS subcomponent of the Reserve Force employs members from all branches and occupations of the Royal Canadian NavyCanadian Army, and Royal Canadian Air Force of the Canadian Forces.

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Major Wong

Commanding Officer

Maj Wong is the primary supervising officer for 746 and keeps the connection between Regional Cadet Support Unit (Pacific), the Sponsoring Committee, Officers, and the Cadets.


Captain Attwood

Deputy Commanding Officer

Capt Attwood is responsible for the staffing of the squadron, and is the second in command to the squadron.


Lieutenant(Navy) J.N. Chidlow, CD

Administration Officer

Lt(N) Chidlow is responsible for maintaining cadet personnel records with regards to attendance, collecting health information records and personal information. She is also responsible for the registration of new cadets.


Lieutenant(Navy) J.G. Chidlow, CD

Professional Development Officer

Lt(N) Chidlow oversees the professional development and standards departments of the squadron. His primary responsibility is in the development of CIC Officers and senior NCOs. Lt(N) Chidlow is also the Squadron's Band Officer.


Captain Gandouin

Training Support Officer

Capt Gandouin is responsible for the organization of the ACNSTC process at the squadron level. As well, Capt Gandouin organizes senior NCO promotions, Merit Review Boards and oversees the squadron bravos.


Captain Dickson

Training Officer

Lt Dickson and her cadet staff are responsible for all training activities that are outside of our Thursday training schedule. You can talk to them about any of those activities such as first aid, workshops, weekend FTX's etc.


Lieutenant Foster

Assistant Administration Officer

Lt Foster assists with maintaining cadet personnel records with regards to attendance, collecting health information records and personal information. He also assists with the registration of new cadets.


Officer Cadet Dickson

Standards Officer

As Standards Officer, OCdt Dickson and his cadet staff are responsible for developing and enforcing all squadron standards of drill, dress and deportment both on and off the parade square. OCdt Dickson also oversees both our squadron's drill team and flag party.


Civilian Instructor Mullick

Assistant Professional Development Officer


CI Foster

Logistics Officer

CI Foster is responsible for the issuing of uniforms along with management of squadron stores and equipment. CV Foster holds a commercial pilots license and teaches our squadrons weekly Ground School class. He will also be one of the pilots flying cadets on their familiarization flights in the spring.

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