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Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get about 746 Lightning Hawk and how to join.

How do I apply?

There are several steps to completing the enrollment process:

  1. Click on the "New Cadet Waitlist" tab on the recruiting page and fill in the form to be added to our waitlist.  We do not accept new registrations past 15 Oct every year, however, you can be added to the waitlist at any point throughout the year.  We allocate on a first-come-first-serve basis with some exceptions for older applicants.  Please not that space can be limited due to the maximum number of cadets our facility can hold.

  2. Registration Instructions will be emailed to parents by the beginning of September based on the capacity for each training year and age group.  

  3. Bring all the necessary documentation required for the enrollment process as instructed in the registration email. Original documents must be provided at the time of registration.


How often do cadets train?

You will attend local training every Thursday night between September and May. Air Cadets also participate in occasional day trips and overnight weekend training.

What are the attendance requirements?

All cadets are expected to attend on Mandatory Training Nights (Thursdays).  While some absence are to be expected, Cadets must attend a minimum percentage to progress through their training and become eligible for rank promotion.

Cadets are also expected to attend Mandatory Support Activities.  These activities are: Gliding, Marksmanship (Range), Field Training Exercises (Survival Training), TAG Days (Fundraisers), Annual Ceremonial Review (Year End Parade), Community Service, Battle of Britain and Remembrance Day (Commemorative Parades).

Are there any extra curricular activities?

746 Squadron has a Marching Band, Drill Team, Survival Training, Ground School, Photography club, Effective Speaking Training, Marksmanship Team and many more activities. We also participate in  weekend practices and competitions.

Must I buy my own uniform?

No. Complete uniforms are loaned to cadets by the Canadian Forces. You are, of course, expected to keep the uniform looking clean and neat.

Do Air Cadets receive pay?

Only when attending certain full-time summer courses. All cadets, however, receive valuable educational benefits, trips to camp, free flying courses and other rewards.

What about pilot training?

Air Cadets who can pass the required medical and written examinations can qualify for glider and powered aircraft pilot scholarship summer courses conducted at flying clubs, schools and camps across Canada.

Can Air Cadets obtain summer employment?

Yes. For senior Air Cadets who are properly qualified, the summer camps and special courses offer worthwhile summer employment opportunities.


What do I need to bring?

There are specific documents that are required in order to join the Cadet program.  The ORIGINAL documents must be presented at time of enrollment, copies will not be accepted, as follows:

  1. BC Care Card or BC Services Card (you may bring other proof of medical coverage if private coverage is available)

  2. Proof of Citizenship (one of the following)

    • Canadian Passport

    • Canadian Birth Certificate

    • Permanent Resident Card

    • Citizenship Card

  3. Photo Identification

    • This is only required if your Proof of Citizenship does not have a photo. The photo must be issued from a Canadian source but does not need to be Government Issued (a School ID would be acceptable)

  4. Custody Documentation

    • If there is a custody agreement in effect which involves the applicant(s), please bring a copy of that agreement for filing

  5. Assessment Fees

    • The Assessment Fees are charged by the Sponsoring Committee. Please visit the Parents page for more information.

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How often do Air Cadets fly?

Generally our squadron goes gliding 2-4 times a year, as well as power aircraft flying 2-5 times per year.

Who instructs Air Cadets?

Air Cadets are supervised by officers of the Cadet Instructors Cadre, a component of the Canadian Forces reserve who are specially trained to work with youth. Specially trained civilians are also active in the Air Cadet program. Most of the actual instruction is by senior cadets who have been in the program for a few years.

Still have questions?

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