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Spring Glider - Sign Up

746 has been selected for two gliding days this spring! Both on the 23rd of May and 30th of May. We will be sending 15 cadets each day for an evening of gliding at CYPK Pitt Meadows. The sign-up form is attached below, please fill it out NLT 2100hrs, tomorrow, Thursday, April 25th. Details are as follows:

Date: May 23 & May 30, 2024

Timings: 1700hrs - 2000hrs approx.

Location: Pitt Meadows Gliding Site

Dress: Appropriate Civilian Attire & Running Shoes

What to Bring: Water Bottle, Snacks, Lawn Chairs

Notes: Cadets participating will be excused from regular Thursday training. Spots will be given out on a first come first serve basis.

Further Questions can be directed to FSgt Huang:


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