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Orders of Dress

Seasonal dress changes and forms of dress for ceremonies and special training will be promulgated in Monthly Routine Orders or Training Instructions. A selection of relevant orders of dress have been included as follows:

C-1 - Ceremonial Dress
C-1 - Ceremonial Dress

Wedge, shirt with necktie, jacket, trousers or slacks with belt, boots and grey wool socks.
1. Worn with medals and pins on the jacket
2. Worn with cloth or embroidered pilot wings on the jacket but not the metal pilot wings.
3. Name tag worn on tunic.
3. Lanyard and white webbing and gloves when authorized by the CO

a. formal ceremonies or parades
b. guard of Honour
c. church services or parades
d. funerals
e. other occasions as ordered

C-2 - Mess Dress
C-2 - Mess Dress

Same as C-3, except that the white collar dress shirt with black bow tie replaces the shirt and tie. Routine Training Dress is to be worn only during indoor training and other occasions as ordered.

1. Medal ribbons and pins may be worn on the jacket
2. Name tag not worn on the uniform

a. mess or formal dinners
b. other occasions as ordered

C-3A - Service Dress
C-3A - Service Dress

Same as C-1, except that the medal ribbons replace the medals.

a. routine training dress for day-to-day
b. routine parades
c. appropriate social occasions
d. must be worn while traveling to and from the CSTC
d. other occasions as ordered

C-3B - Routine Summer Training Dress
C-3B - Routine Summer Training Dress

Same as C-3A, without the tie or tunic

a. during summer dress period at the sqn:
(1) routine training dress for day to day,
(2) routine parades, and
(3) appropriate social occasions.
b. year round for indoor training
c. other occasions as ordered

C-5 - Routine Training Dress
C-5 - Routine Training Dress

Wedge/beret molded to standard, elemental shirt, FTU tunic, FTU pants, belt, socks, and FTU boots.

a. Routine Training Night
b. Field Training Exercises

C-5A - Routine Summer Training Dress
C-5A - Routine Summer Training Dress

Same as C-5, without the FTU tunic

a. may be authorized in summer routine training

Civilian Attire
Civilian Attire

The following guidelines shall be followed:
Clothing shall be clean and free of rips or tears;
Clothing shall not display profanity or offensive images;
Clothing shall cover the midriff and shoulder area;
Clothing must be suitable for the training being conducted; and
Clothing must be appropriate for the weather.

At certain times the wearing of the Air Cadet Uniform may not be appropriate for the training being conducted. At these times Cadets will be ordered to wear appropriate Civilian Attire.

Sports Attire
Sports Attire

Sport Dress must follow the same guidelines as Civilian Attire with the following considerations:
Appropriate footwear (e.g. Runners) must be worn;
For indoor activities non-marking soles are required;
Clothing should allow for the mobility required for the activity;
Jeans shall not be worn; and
Clothing must be appropriate for the weather;

For activities where Cadets are undergoing physical fitness training Sports Dress shall be worn. This includes recreational sports training and the Cadet Fitness Assessment.

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