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Hair & Jewelry

Hair on the head shall be neatly groomed and conservatively styled. The length, bulk and style of hair shall not preclude the proper wear of the wedge (bulk is the distance that the mass of hair extends from the skin, when groomed, as opposed to the length of hair). In particular, style and colour shall not be bizarre, exaggerated or unusual appearance. Unusual colours such as green, bright red, orange, purple, etc are not permitted. Hair must be secured or styled back to reveal the face and any accessories used to secure or control hairstyles shall be as unobtrusive as possible. Hair ornaments shall not be worn, except for female cadets’ conservative barrettes that blend with the hair colour.


Hair will be groomed so that when the headdress is removed, it shall not touch the ears, eyebrows or collar. Furthermore:

  • Sideburns - shall not extend below a line horizontally bisecting the ear,

  • Beards - only cadets adherent of the Sikh religion or cadets experiencing recognized medical problems preventing them from shaving may wear the beard.

  • Facial Hair – other than beards or regulation moustaches will be removed before wearing the uniform.

female hair.png
male hair.png


Exaggerated styles, including those with excessive fullness or extreme height, are not authorized. Hair will be gelled back to prevent ‘wisps’ from touching the ears and collar. Furthermore:

  • Makeup - Female cadets are authorized to wear a minimal amount of make-up. When wearing uniform, make-up shall be applied conservatively. This precludes the use of false eyelashes, heavy eyeliner, brightly coloured eye shadow or lipstick, coloured nail polish, and excessive facial make-up.

The only jewelry that may be worn in uniform shall be a wristwatch, a medical alert bracelet and a maximum of two rings, which are not of a costume jewelry nature. In addition, female cadets in uniform may wear a single pair of plain gold, silver stud or white pearl earrings in pierced ears. The single stud earring, worn in the centre of each earlobe, shall be spherical in shape and not exceed 0.6 cm in diameter. No other type of earring shall be worn except for a gold or silver-healing device of similar shape and size, which may be worn while ears are healing after piercing. Male cadets are not authorized to wear an earring or earrings.

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