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Care of the Uniform

Your uniform should be properly prepared and cared for before every use. Cadets are regularly inspected to ensure that uniforms meet the standard.

Deportment while in Uniform
When you are in uniform you should present a good appearance. Chewing gum, slouching, hands in pockets, walking arm in arm, and similar actions do not look good for a cadet in uniform. The way you behave in uniform will affect what people think of all cadets. The pride you show in your uniform is a reflection of the pride you have in yourself and your squadron.

Wedge Cap
The lower point of the front crease of the wedge is to be in the centre of your forehead. The front edge of the cap is to be 2.5 cm (1 in.) above your right eyebrow. To be sure the cap is 2.5 cm (1 in.) above the right eyebrow, you can use the measurement of the width of two fingers. If your hair hangs down on your forehead you should be sure to tuck it under your wedge when in uniform. 

Your trousers/slacks should be well pressed. A sharp crease shall extend up the front centre of each leg to the waist, inside the first belt-loops. Rear creases extend up the centre of the pant leg and meet in the back at the waistband, forming a "V." Your trousers/slacks should reach the point where the creases will be slightly broken on the topof the boots. Pant legs shall be hemmed no higher than the second and no lower than the third eyelet of the ankle boot.

Dress Shirt
Your shirt should be neatly pressed when worn. The only crease in the shirt should be down the centre of each arm beginning at the centre of each epaulette. It may be helpful to starch the collar of the shirt to prevent it from becoming limp. The shirt will be free from stains and wrinkles.

boot lace.png

When wearing the tunic you shall always keep all pockets buttoned. Be sure all front buttons (except the top) are also fastened. You should keep your tunic well pressed. The sleeves of the jacket shall be roll-pressed with no creases. Be sure your belt is even with no twists. The buckle of your tunic belt is to be centered. The pockets of your tunic should be empty. The tunic should be free of wrinkles and stains. All badges shall be tightly sewn down with like-coloured thread (the thread shall not be visible). A nametag shall be centered over the right breast pocket.

windsor knot.png

Your necktie should be ironed and tidy. The necktie shall be tied with the Windsor knot and done up to the collar when worn.


Your black issue boots are laced straight across, as illustrated. You shall keep them in good repair and well shined. The following is one method used to get a good shine on boots:

  1. remove dust and dirt from the boot with a soft damp cloth (do not use this cloth for polishing);

  2. use an old toothbrush to remove dirt from the welts;

  3. use the toothbrush, with polish, to blacken the welts; and

  4. apply a moderate amount of polish to the area of the boot you will polish first

  5. Use a polish cloth or other soft cloth wrapped around your index finger and dampened in cool water. You should work one section of the boot at a time. Apply the polish in a circular motion. Start with larger circles to
    cover the area with polish. Use smaller circles as the polish works into the boot. Continue with the circular motion until you can no longer see the circles formed by the polish

You will have to continue applying coats of polish in this way until the boots have a high gloss. Considerable patience is required with new or previously unpolished boots.

You will wear the grey wool socks that are issued to you by your squadron. If you are allergic to the material in the socks, you may wear sports socks under your issue grey socks.

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