Virtual Tag Days

As you can imagine, 2020 has has been a very exceptional year for the 746 Lightning Hawk Air Cadet Program in Langley, BC. COVID-19 has impacted our ability to operate as we have in the past but it's been amazing to see the Cadets' continued commitment to the program. Like many of you, they have embraced virtual meetings for training, special events, ground school and even band!

In order to offer these great programs to Langley's youth, however, our squadron has depended on your help over the years. You've probably seen our Cadets outside of your favourite shops in full uniform standing at attention collecting donations. We call these 'tag days' and we do it two times each year. The funds raised are essential to keeping the Cadet program going.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it impossible and unsafe for the Cadets to raise funds as they have in the past so this year, the event has gone online! We are simply asking you to do what you have always done except now you don't have to dig for change outside in the cold AND you will receive a charitable tax receipt for your contribution!!!

Please consider supporting your Cadet and the rest of the Langley Squadron by making a contribution today. All of your gift will go towards Cadet programs.


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