Spring Break CAP - Week One underway

Updated: Mar 19

Check out the schedule below to pick out your classes and choose your adventure

A few notes:

1) Meeting Login information:

Schedule 19 March
Download PDF • 428KB

2) Every morning at 0830 on Channel One there will be a Q&A session - that's your opportunity to ask questions and confirm connection details.

3) Be sure to follow BC Cadets on Facebook and Instagram (@BC_Cadets) to stay up to date on any updates or changes throughout the week! Use the hashtag #PACCAP to share your experience!

4) Any workshop that is numbered (#1, #2, etc.) is part of a series. If you choose to attend a workshop series, you need to participate in every section.

5) The same workshops will be available both weeks. If something doesn't fit into your schedule during your preferred week, you are welcome to take it the other week!

6) It's not too late to sign up! or Self-registration, email the following to ASAP to participate:

Rank, Last Name, First Name: Corps/Sqn: [746 RCACS] Preferred email for Virtual CAP: Week you want to participate: 15 to 19 March OR 22 to 26 March OR BOTH

Questions to Lt Dickson