Senior Promotions!

Interested in being promoted to Sgt, FSgt or WO2?

Interested cadets are to read through their applicable promotion policy and submit a promotion memorandum to Capt Gandouin.

Email submission info:

1. Email title: (Insert Surname)'s Promotion Memorandum

2. Include greeting, short message and a closing remark in email.

3. Submit Promotion memorandum as a PDF file. (Word docs, jpeg, etc will not be accepted).

4. Send promotion memorandum to:

Promotion memorandum submission deadline: Thursday, April 29th

Promotion Policies are found on 746 Website -> Cadets -> Local Training -> Promotions.

Here they are below as well:

Sgt Promotion Policy
Download PDF • 222KB
FSgt Promotion Policy
Download PDF • 229KB
WO2,WO1 Promotion Policy
Download PDF • 231KB