Return to Training

The 20/21 training year will be another unique training year. We will be resuming virtual training in September and hopefully transition into a modified training year in October. Our goal this training year is to offer as much virtual training as possible during September. If we are able to commence with in person training, we will be following all Covid -19 restrictions as applicable. During September the Sqn staff and Sr NCOs will be working hard to provide quality virtual training and planning for a safe return to in person training. Due to the number of cadets we have at the Sqn and the limited size of the training spaces, we will have to think outside the box to allow a return to in person training. Once we have permission to return to in person training we will inform everyone right away.

For all the returning cadets – Since we are unable to start the 20/21 training year in person we will have to send out annual validation forms and DHQs out via email, please keep on the email address that you provided to use when you registered with the Sqn. In the next few weeks we will be posting updates on our September start up.

For those not returning – We understand that there are many reasons for why you may not be return to the 746 Sqn, but we ask that you please email,, letting us know. When possible, we will be asking for those who did not return to bring back their uniforms.

We are doing are best to facilitate this training year, with our number one priority being the safety of our cadets and staff. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know @

- Capt Groome


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