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Online Ground School - Nov 10 Deadline

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

What is Online Ground School (OGS)?

Those applying for Glider Pilot Training Course or the Power Pilot Training Course for the summer of 2024 MUST take the Online Ground School. The OGS is part of the Air Cadet National Selection Process and is comprised of 45 hours of self-paced learning.

Sign up for only ONE course here:

10 Nov 23: Application deadline

Other Dates:

  • 1 Oct 23 to 14 Jan 24: The OGS training syllabus, mandatory practical exam and selection exam is open to students.

  • 15 Jan 24: Access to OGS and selection exam ends.

Other Important Information

Cadets must have access to Cadet365 as this email address will be used for OGS registration. Cadets will receive OGS login instructions directly from the contractor by 15 Oct 23. If cadets have not received login information by 15 Oct 23, please ensure they check their Cadet365 email, including any junk mail folders, for an email from Moncton Flight College Training’s Pelesys system.

Note, if cadets have not yet completed the Cadet Cyber Awareness Course, they must do so prior to starting the OGS Course.

Contact Capt Gandouin if you do not have a Cadet365 account yet:


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