Effective Speaking Starts Tuesday!

Are you wondering what it takes to speak in front of a large group? Maybe you have a job interview and you want to be prepared your best for? Or how about you would like to build up your self confidence delivering a presentation at school? Whatever the reason, you will 100% see value in participating in the Effective Speaking Program! And it is open to all cadets!!

This training will also run with 746 cadets continuing to build our relationships with their Squadron. So bring a friend, either from 676 or 746 and join this Tuesday!

When: Tuesday’s staring Jan 26 7:00-8:00PM until February 23

Where: ZOOM (check Team Snap for link)

Who: Any cadets Level 1 and up

Co-ordinator: CV Rasmussen

OIC: Capt Attwood (746) + Capt Kelly, A (676