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Area Directed Activity

What: The Orienteering Training Area Directed Activity(ADA) is an introduction to the sport of orienteering. Cadets will participate in orienteering map reading and technique classes before they head out on an orienteering course. The Cadets will be running 3-7km long courses that will take them throughout the Watershed Park. The Cadets will be put in teams of two based on their map reading skills and chosen pace, walking, or running. This will be a rain or shine activity. Lunch will be provide for the Cadets.

When: Date - Saturday, 14 Oct 23 Time - 10:00am – 4:00pm Where: Delta Watershed Park We will meet at The Meadow Trail parking lot, located on Hwy 10, just before the onramp to Hwy 91. This parking lot has an underpass which makes it accessible from both directions on Hwy 10. Cadets will meet at the trail head/ information board located next to the parking lot and walk in groups to the Gravity Bowl where classes will be held.

Dress: Cadets will need to dress for the weather, walking, light jogging or running if they choose. In the event of rain, we will be using pop up tents as shelters for classes and the Cadets will still run the courses as planned.

Applications will be accepted by FSgt Shergill & FSgt Maher via in-person sign-up sheet. Deadline to apply is Thursday 5 Oct 23


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