746 Snowshoe Day at Cypress Mountain

Updated: 7 days ago

On Sunday 20 February 2021, Cadets from

746 Lightning Hawk Squadron will go on a snowshoeing adventure at Cypress Mountain. This activity is open to all cadets, but you must register by signing up (Click Here!)

Please note that this activity is subject to cancellation or rescheduling depending on weather.

Cadets are expected to arrive at the LHQ for 0700Hrs and the bus will depart at 0730AM.

Cadets will return for parental pick up at the LHQ for 1730Hrs

Dress: Cadets attending this activity will need to dress for snow conditions. Snow pants, Jacket, and Winter Boots are expected for attending cadets.

Lunch: Cadets attending this activity MUST bring their own lunch and water bottle with enough food and water to last the day.

COVID-19 Considerations - Please note that you are required to do your own self-assessment prior to showing up on the day, 16th of January 2022. If you are feeling at all unwell, or exhibit any symptoms common to COVID-19, please do not come to the activity and follow Provincial Health Guidelines until you are feeling well again.