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746 Mess Dinner

Last week to purchase tickets for our Mess Dinner will be next Thursday 13 April 23. This years dinner will be taking place on Saturday 22 April 23 with tickets costing $15.00. Mess dinners originated about 200 years ago, the purpose being the same as it is now; to afford the opportunity for seniors and juniors to meet on a friendly but formal occasion. The dinner is open to all ranks with details for the dinner as follows:

Date: Saturday 22 April 2023

Time: 17:00hrs - 21:00hrs (Cadet pick up will be at 21:30)

Location: Peace Portal Alliance Church

15128 - 27B Ave, Surrey

Cost: $15.00 Per Person

Dress for cadets: C2 Mess Dress or formal attire. (Women may wear dresses in place of C2 Mess Dress)

For more information on ticket sales, contact the SSC chair at If you have dietary restrictions, please contact the Vice Chair at

Money for tickets will be collected next week by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee at the beginning and end of parade.


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