20/21 Registration Update

As we have recently received direction on starting up the training year in September, we now know how we will be proceeding with recruiting this year. Due to the limited space at the Sqn we will be taking new recruits off our wait list that was started last September along with siblings of current cadets. We will be contacting those who are on the waitlist soon, and also sending a registration form. For those who do not make it into 746 Sqn, we encourage you to look for another cadet Corp or Sqn that has space, which can help you with. As we are able to safely take on more new cadets we will make an announcement for new recruits.

Find a Corp/Sqn near you

Due to our current Covid-19 restrictions we will not be having an in person registration as normal, so please keep an eye on your emails in the next few weeks for more information about registration.

- Capt Groome


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