14 March 2020

Zone Marksmanship Results

On 23 Feb, the Sqn's range teams participated in the Fraser Valley Zone mail in shot and all our teams did very well! There were 23 teams and 120 shooters competed in our zone. Our A Team won the zone which allows them to progress to the Provincial shoot and our B Team earned 1 of 3 wild card invitation to the Provincials.  Congratulations to all our Teams!

Fraser Valley Zone Results:
Team A scored 1494, placed 1st  overall.
Team B scored 1478, placed 2nd  overall.
Team C scored 1357, placed 8th overall.

Zone Individuals, Overall
1st place, Song – 382

Zone Individual juniors, Overall
1st place, Song – 382
2nd place, Youn, Sarah – 373
3rd place, Shao – 368

Team A
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Team B
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Team C
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