07 March 2020

Summer Training Offers are in!

We have Offers of Participation in now for some of the Summer training Courses.

If you were offered a course, it is imperative that you complete the paperwork immediately to ensure your spot.

The following cadets need to see email Lt Dickson for your Offer and further instructions.  Bring your parent with you to complete the paperwork while there.

Boyle, AM
Chen, H
Khetoo, T
Kim, M
Lopez, S

Please note:  
1) Not all BAND courses have not been announced yet.
2) If you applied for Summer training and are not listed above, you are currently on the spare list and if spots become available, you will be contacted directly.  See Lt Dickson if you have any questions regarding this.

Please email Lt Dickson asap at rima.dickson@live.com