21 February 2020

GCK Feedback

The following is a list of questions that were commonly answered incorrect on the General Cadet Knowledge Test.
Please make sure you understand the questions and why they were incorrect

746 RCACS Motto and Core Values
Superbium in Progressum (Pride in Progress)

          Core Values (PITCH)

Officer Ranks

General Knowledge
  •          The space between fights on parade is 7 paces.
  •          When marching, you do not maintain an audible cadence by digging in the left heel OR swing the arms forward successively in a straight line from the shoulder, front to rear, with hands closed as in the position of attention. You only swing your arm breast pocket high.
  •          If you will be missing Parade, inform your superior through the chain of command.
  •          746 RCACS was founded on 9 Jan, 1964.
  •          Your uniform must be ironed weekly.

If you still have any questions, please ask a Senior Cadet the first chance you get.