09 December 2019

NCO Training Weekend 14-17 Feb 2020

We have a limited number of Billets available to attend the following NCO Multi Squadron training courses.

These courses have been designed to enhance and develop NCOs within the new Air Cadet Program. 

Senior Course - designed for Level 3 - The theme of the course will be to ensure the cadets leave with a strong ability to run through small leadership tasking’s. The cadets will receive training in drill, dress, GCK, leadership, deportment, and how to evaluate uniforms.  

Instructor Course - designed for Level 4 Cadets - training cadets how to become active instructors.  This course will also be open to current instructors who wish to become more effective instructors. The cadets will receive training and be evaluated on dress, classroom instruction, drill instruction, and how to evaluate instruction. Also cadets will learn how to teach with minimal training support to simulate instruction in the field.

Professional Development Course - Designed for level 4/5 - Cadets who attend this course should already excel in their abilities, have exemplarily drill, dress, and deportment. The cadets that participate in this course can expect to receive and be evaluated on the following training: parade sequences, military writing, organizing training exercises, how to be a mentor, improved drill and deportment and how to conduct a mess dinner.

Staff Cadet - Staff cadets will typically be level five cadets or higher. The NCOs that participate as staff at the NCO Course should have a high level of dress, drill, deportment, and instructional ability. Staff Cadets must attend the Pro-D session in January. Staff cadets can expect to receive an instructional evaluation to further their development as well.

Anyone interested in filling staff cadet positions should come to the training office to discuss and get the application.

Cadets will stay overnight and attend a Mess Dinner durning this course.  It is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

When: 14-17 Feb 2020

Drop Off on 14 Feb: 
Staff Cadets - 1800hrs
Course Cadets - 2000hrs

Pick up on 17 Feb:  1600hrs

Where: North Vancouver - Details to follow.


NOTE: If you sign up, you are committing to go.  Check the dates prior to signing up this Thursday as you will need to be dropped off and picked up in North Vancouver.  This is on Family day weekend.

Signing up this week is a firm commitment.

Questions to rima.dickson@live.com