19 October 2019

Air Cadet National Summer Training Course (ACNSTC) Selection Process - GPS, PPS & IACE

Those that are applying for the Glider Pilot Scholarship (GPS), Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS) and International Exchange (IACE) undergo a National Selection Process.

This process has recently been updated at a National level! This process has been designed to be standardized across the nation and streamlined to reduce workload for squadrons, impartial, and transparent; thereby ensuring the highest merited cadets are selected for each opportunity.

Key dates for 2020 are as follows:
a.              30 Sep – 15 Dec 19 – Application period;
b.             15 Dec 19 – Application end date;
c.              6 – 19 Jan 20 – Conduct period for PPS / GPS exam;
d.             20 Jan – 16 Feb 20 – Conduct period for interviews;
e.             2 Mar 20 – Selections announced; and
f.              23 Mar 20 – Selections confirmed.
- Below you'll find two very important documents that should be read thoroughly for those GPS, PPS, and IACE applicants.

  • This document summarizes the application process in 5 major steps.
  • This is a very detailed instruction on the new ACNSTC process covering info on the selection process, different responsibilities (including the cadet's) and deadlines.
For those applying to a ACNSTC course (GPS, PPS, IACE), a briefing will be held on THURSDAY, NOV 7 during break a questions can be address to Capt Gandouin. 
- For all other summer course inquiries, more details will follow.