09 September 2019

Thursday, 12 Sept 19 - Parade Night

This Thursday will be a regular training night where all cadets including all new cadets will be at the the squadron, this will be the start of our training year.
Please arrive at the parade square at 18:30hrs (6:30pm) where you will be joining your new flights. You will take attendance in your new flight.
When: Thursday, 16 May 18:30 - 21:15pm
Where: 746 Sqn 5333 216 St Langley ( Hanger 5)
Dress: C2b - Summer Dress, With Parka outer layer if needed.
Bring Water Bottles, and writing materials.
Cadets without uniform - white dress shirt, black dress pants and black shoes. Bring weather appropriate coat.
Parents, please watch our closing parade from the gate. The parade should start at 2100 (9:00) and should be over by 21:20-21:30hrs.