13 September 2019

Senior NCO Promotions - Submit your Memo!

For those interested in being promoted to the rank of Sgt and above, this information is for you!

Please read through the promotion policy thoroughly and carefully follow the instructions on the attached forms.

Deadline for memos to be handed in is Thursday, Sep 19th @ 2100hrs. Memos must be handed to Capt Gandouin or Lt(N) Chidlow by this deadline.

Those wanting to be promoted to WO2/WO1 will also require undergoing warrant boards. The warrant boards will be held on Wednesday, Oct 2nd. An email with more info has been sent out to potential candidates.

Sergeant Promotion Policy
Flight Sergeant Promotion Policy
Warrant Officer Promotion Policy

CATO 13-02: Merit Based Cadet Rank Promotions

Questions and concerns may be directed to Capt Gandouin or Lt(N) Chidlow.