02 July 2019

Joining Instructions


1st intake and 6 week courses:
If you have not received your Exhaust Itineraries please email Capt Groome.

2nd intake GTC:
if you have not received your Travel Itinerary please email Capt Groome

Cadets travelling to and from CTC are now authorized to wear their elemental T shirt during travel and are not required to wear tunics during travel but they must travel with tunics in their possession.
If you have not received your travel itinerary please email Capt Groome ASAP. Nathan.Groome@cadets.gc.ca

Also, please read the Joining Instructions for your course before you leave, they can be found on the Sqn's website.

JIs - Albert Head, Vernon, Comox, Qudra and staff cadets
JIs - Cold Lake 
JIs - Canadore