10 December 2018

Summer Training Courses 2019

Interested in applying for a Summer Training Course?

The table below shows our course dates for 746. These are the expected dates for our summer training this year.  If your Cadet is applying for a course, Please allow for one travel day on either side of the dates.

Eligibility: Please read read the Summer Training Course Flyer.  Level 1s can only apply for the General Training Course.

Expected Notification Dates;  Offers for all courses are expected to be announced on 1 Mar 19.

To apply for a Summer Training Course for 2019, please see fill in the application form. If selected, an offer of participation will be given to you or your son/daughter by one of our Officers. Please note that there are only so many spots for summer training.

A Briefing will be held in the spring for cadets and parents when joining instructions are released for the summer training centers.