03 December 2018

Cadet Corespondents Workshop Opportunity

What are Cadet Correspondents?

They senior cadets who have attended the Cadet Correspondent Workshop. They can support the CO of their corps or squadron by posting to social media and drafting submissions for traditional media. They help tell the story of the Cadet Program, from a cadet perspective. 

Are you level 4 qualified (or above)?   Then you are eligible to apply for this course.  You'll learn photography, journalistic writing, and how to interact with media / social media on behalf of your corps or squadron! 
Cadets who have completed the workshop can also practice their skills at regional and national events. This workshop also makes you eligible to be employed as a Cadet Correspondent at Cadet Training Centres in 2019. 

Interested?  Talk to 2Lt Dickson by 13 Dec 2018 to discuss workshop dates, and your possible nomination.