13 May 2018

Awards Parade and ACR

Awards Parade:
A full run through of our ACR parade will be practiced and some awards will be presented at the end of the evening. Cadets will be dropped off at 18:30 as normal. Parents are welcome to come and watch the award ceremony at the end of the evening.

Parents arrive @ 20:30 for award ceremony
When: Thursday, 31 May
Where: 746 Squadron
Dress: C-2Bs Summer Dress

Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR)
ACR is our final parade of the year and everything we've done this year will be on display. Parents and Guests are welcome to come and watch our ACR.

This is a mandatory parade for all cadets.

When - Saturday, 2 Jun 
Cadet are to arrive @ 08:00
Parents/Guests to arrive @ 13:00
Dismissal @ 16:00
Where: Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School
Dress: C-1s Full Dress