19 September 2019

Drill Team Commander Tryouts

Are you looking for a challenge this coming year?  Ready to take on the leadership and responsibility of leading a group of cadets in competition with other squadrons?  Then consider trying out for the 2019/2020 Drill Team Commander.  This is a great leadership opportunity leading our Drill Team and preparing them for the 2020 Zones Competition.  Information and Warning Order as follows:

When: 25 Sep 19
Where: 746 LHQ, Hangar #6
Who: Level 3 - 5 Cadets
Time: 19:00hrs
Dress:  C2

Sign up sheets will be available after parade in Hangar #6

Warning Order

Questions can be directed to OCdt Foster at bruce746rcacs@gmail.com

17 September 2019

Level 1 Range Day:

Level 1 Range Day:
There will be a level 1 range day for all new cadets. The goal is to train all the new cadets on safe handling of a rifle and basic marksmanship techniques. A sign up sheet will be out on Thursday night.
When: Saturday, 28 Sept - 9am - 6pm (bring a lunch and water)
Where 746 Sqn
Dress: Civilian
Questions maybe addressed to Capt Groome

16 September 2019


There will be a range practice this Saturday for cadets who have shot more than three times last year. This will be open to 15 cadets max, Let OCdt Foster know if you would like to attend. 
Who: Must have shot more than 3 times.
When: Saturday, 21 Sept - 10am - 4pm
Where: Hangar 6
Dress: Civvies

Please be sure to bring your own lunch
More range day will be announced in the next few weeks. There are plans for a range day for new cadets only.
Questions or concerns may be directed to OCdt Foster at bruce746rcacs@gmail.com

14 September 2019

Thursday, 19 Sept 19

This Thursday will be the Cadet Fitness Assesment (CFA)

When: Thursday, 19th  Sept 2019 18:30 - 21:15pm
Where: 746 Sqn  5333 216 St Langley ( Hanger 5)
Dress: Civillian Sports Gear ( Shirt, Shorts, Pants,  Running Shoes,  Hoodie or Light Jacket) 

Please ensure that you bring water as well as a suitable snack for physical activity.  

This assessment is necessary for promotion to the next rank.

For further details please see your Flight Commander.

13 September 2019

Senior NCO Promotions - Submit your Memo!

For those interested in being promoted to the rank of Sgt and above, this information is for you!

Please read through the promotion policy thoroughly and carefully follow the instructions on the attached forms.

Deadline for memos to be handed in is Thursday, Sep 19th @ 2100hrs. Memos must be handed to Capt Gandouin or Lt(N) Chidlow by this deadline.

Those wanting to be promoted to WO2/WO1 will also require undergoing warrant boards. The warrant boards will be held on Wednesday, Oct 2nd. An email with more info has been sent out to potential candidates.

Sergeant Promotion Policy
Flight Sergeant Promotion Policy
Warrant Officer Promotion Policy

CATO 13-02: Merit Based Cadet Rank Promotions

Questions and concerns may be directed to Capt Gandouin or Lt(N) Chidlow.

12 September 2019



With over 150 cadets at our squadron, drop off and pickup time on Thursday night at cadets has become increasingly congested.  Please try to drop off your cadets or park near the Museum of Flight or in the parking spots near the entrance to the airport.  Please DO NOT pull into the driveway nearest the Hangar.  It is a very busy area with pedestrians.

THERE SHOULD BE NO STOPPING ALONG THE ROADWAY!  PLEASE DO NOT STOP OR PARK ALONG THE FENCE.  If you are waiting for your cadet, either use an open parking spot along the sidewalk, or park closer to 216th Ave or down by the Museum of Flight.

Also it is important to keep your speed to a MAXIMUM of 15kph driving in and out of the roadway.  It is quite dark in the area and there are many people walking to different areas.

Cadets please remember you are wearing dark clothing and are very hard to see on dark rainy nights.  Be aware of the vehicles around you and try to stay in lit areas.

The safety and well being of the Cadets is important.  Thank you for your cooperation.

11 September 2019

Gliding - 29 Sept - SIGN UP THURSDAY!

When: 29 Sep, Sunday

Morning Shift:   0845 – 1245 hrs
Afternoon Shift:  1245 – 1600 hrs
Where:  Abbotsford Airport 

Parents: Please confirm pick up timings when dropping of your Cadet.

Sign up sheets will be out on Thursday night.
Priority will go to those who have not been before.

Bring water-wear appropriate Clothing and footwear for light running.

Contact Officer - AM shift: Capt Wong,  PM shift: Lt Van Overshot

10 September 2019

TRIPLE AAA Career Expo - Aviation, Aerospace, & Air Cadets - 26 Oct 2019

Plan your future career in Aviation and Aerospace!  Be part of this national series that brings together Air Cadets, youth, educators, and industry employers to focus on career, education, training, and paths to employment.  Aircraft, keynote speakers, exhibitor booths, demonstrations, handouts, and more.

Date:           26 Oct 19
Time:          TBA
Location:    Abbotsford, BC - Details to follow

Sign up sheet this Thursday for interested cadets.

Questions to 2Lt Dickson

09 September 2019

Thursday, 12 Sept 19 - Parade Night

This Thursday will be a regular training night where all cadets including all new cadets will be at the the squadron, this will be the start of our training year.
Please arrive at the parade square at 18:30hrs (6:30pm) where you will be joining your new flights. You will take attendance in your new flight.
When: Thursday, 16 May 18:30 - 21:15pm
Where: 746 Sqn 5333 216 St Langley ( Hanger 5)
Dress: C2b - Summer Dress, With Parka outer layer if needed.
Bring Water Bottles, and writing materials.
Cadets without uniform - white dress shirt, black dress pants and black shoes. Bring weather appropriate coat.
Parents, please watch our closing parade from the gate. The parade should start at 2100 (9:00) and should be over by 21:20-21:30hrs.

First Band Practice September 16

Hello everyone,
We will be having our first band practice this Monday, September 16, 2019.  This practice will be our first chance to play as a group again,  It will also be a good chance to meet our newest members.
A sign-up sheet will be out this Thursday (Sept 12, 2019) for new members to sign-up.

Returning Cadets - Please bring your instrument, light and all your music from last year.
First Year Cadets - Please bring instruments.

What; Band Practice
When; 16 Sept 2019, 1900hrs - 2100hrs (7:00pm-9:00pm)
Where; 746 Squadron, Hanger 6
Dress; Appropriate civilian clothing (Dress for the weather)

05 September 2019

4-6 October - FTX INITIUN NOVUM Level 3 and up


Field Training Exercise “INITIUN NOVUM”  4-6th October 2019

Drop off and pick up will be located at Hangar 6, Langley Airport

1645hrs drop off on Friday 4th Oct 2019

1530hrs pick up on Sunday 6th Oct 2019

Cadets are required to hand in a permission slip before boarding the bus 
Cadets will pack based off the kit list provided. 
Please pack for the weather.

Urgent questions can be addressed to:

FSgt Gell: Fixedwing02@gmail.com
2Lt Dickson: rima.dickson@cadets.gc.ca


02 September 2019

Battle of Britain Parade - Sunday 15 Sept

The Battle of Britain Parade is on Sunday 15th September 2019.  This parade is a mandatory parade for cadets.

DATE:  15 September 2019

TIME:  Air Cadets to arrive by 1245 hrs
              Parade to step off at precisely at 1400 hrs
              Ceremony to be completed by approximately 1500 hrs

LOCATION:   Thunderbird Square
                        32388 Veterans Way
                        Abbotsford, B.C.

Note: We will form up in the parking lot of the Reach Art Gallery  located in the southeast corner of the site.

DRESS:       C1 (with Medals)

11 August 2019

746 Sqn NEW CADET Registration Day

We are currently full and only taking cadets for our waitlist.

This year we will not be conducting our open house as per usual, instead we will be conducting a registration day in its place.  The initial application process will be by email, new recruits and their parents will need to complete the application process during the registration day.  We will be taking on 30 new recruits this year and a wait list will be started once we've reached the 30.

Please read our recruiting page for more information and an application form.

A confirmation email will be sent to the first 30 new recruits that apply.

            Application deadline: 31 Aug @ 2359
            Registration Day: Sat, 7 Sept - 0900 - 1100

Where: 746 Sqn, Hangar #6, Langley Airport

Who: Those who have received a confirmation email, new recruits and their parent.

Registration Fee: $250, plus a $250 volunteer commitment.

Information to be emailed:
      Child's First name and surname
      Child's birthdate
      Parents phone number
      Parents first and last name

Please email the above to - 746Air@cadets.gc.ca

05 June 2014

Museum of Flight Air Cadet Membership Form

IF you would like to sign up for the FREE Air Cadet Membership form for the Museum of Flight at the Langley Airport, you can do so by downloading and filling out the application form and bringing it in into the squadron.

Membership includes:
- FREE Admission (including one guest) to the museum
- FREE admission to Seattle Museum of Flight, Squamish Westcoast Railway Museum, and the Military Museum in Chilliwack
- Subscription to our quarterly Glidepath newletter
- 15% discount on all regular priced gift shop items

Application Form available HERE.

Cadets are encouraged to participate and volunteer as they will be able to win a flight in one of the vintage planes at the museum!!

Questions for the flight museum can be sent to info@canadianflight.com ; website: canadianflight.org

12 February 2011

General Cadet Knowledge Pocket Aide Memoire

The following pocket-sized GCK Aide Memoire can be printed and folded by cadets as a quick reference guide. Remember, this is basic information that all cadets should know.
Click for PDF