10 June 2019

Summer Training Parent / Cadet Information Meeting - 17 June 1900-2030 hrs.

If you are attending Summer Training this summer, please attend this meeting.

Where: Classroom 1
Date:    Monday, 17 June
Time:   1900 - 2030 hrs
Who:    Cadets and Parents should attend.

We will go over Joining orders, hand out the required paperwork, discuss what to bring, what not to bring and cover any questions you may have.

If you are unable to attend, you need to contact me to get the required paperwork and instructions.

2 Lt Dickson

07 June 2019

2018/2019 End of Year feedback Survey

The training year is done and we've received some great feedback so far for our 2018/2019 End of Year Feedback Survey!

BUT we've only gotten 30 responses so far!

Please take 10mins out of your day and complete the 2018-2019 End of Year feedback Survey. We're postponing the survey to Thursday 13 June.

SURVEY: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iIBK2n3bEf9PNLyCB1sr53awQTAN4bJmPv4Jtavi9vo

06 June 2019

Fam Flying

There will be two more fam flying dates for the remainder of the training year on June 9th and June 15th. 
The sign up sheets will be available tonight at the barbecue.
Priority goes to cadets who have signed up and have been cancelled due to weather.

For questions and information talk to CV Poole.

28 May 2019

Abbotsford Airshow - Volunteers wanted

Parents if you would like to volunteer at the Abbotsford Airshow please sign up on the link below. There will be a brief training session a few weeks before the airshow starts for about 2-3 hours. The shifts to volunteer are Friday night, Saturday & Sunday day.  Ideally there will be enough people to do shifts in and out of the ticket booth so you will be able to see the airshow as well while you are there.  If you'd like to volunteer for more than one shift there is also a volunteer campground on site if you wish to stay. 

Questions please direct them to chair746ssc@gmail.com


27 May 2019

2018/2019 End of Year Feedback

We care about what you have to say and the experiences you have as a cadet.746 Air Cadet Squadron strives to be the best squadron in the cadet program.

We seek to improve each year and that can only be accomplished by receiving honest feedback from each and every single cadet (through an anonymous survey) in 746 Lightning Hawk Squadron.

Please take 10mins out of your day and complete the 2018-2019 End of Year feedback Survey.

The last day to complete the survey is on June 6th


24 October 2017

Parking Lot Safety


With over 150 cadets at our squadron, drop off and pickup time on Thursday night at cadets has become increasingly congested.  Please try to drop off your cadets or park near the Museum of Flight or in the parking spots near the entrance to the airport.  Please DO NOT pull into the driveway nearest the Hangar.  It is a very busy area with pedestrians.

THERE SHOULD BE NO STOPPING ALONG THE ROADWAY!  PLEASE DO NOT STOP OR PARK ALONG THE FENCE.  If you are waiting for your cadet, either use an open parking spot along the sidewalk, or park closer to 216th Ave or down by the Museum of Flight.

Also it is important to keep your speed to a MAXIMUM of 15kph driving in and out of the roadway.  It is quite dark in the area and there are many people walking to different areas.

Cadets please remember you are wearing dark clothing and are very hard to see on dark rainy nights.  Be aware of the vehicles around you and try to stay in lit areas.

The safety and well being of the Cadets is important.  Thank you for your cooperation.

05 June 2014

Museum of Flight Air Cadet Membership Form

IF you would like to sign up for the FREE Air Cadet Membership form for the Museum of Flight at the Langley Airport, you can do so by downloading and filling out the application form and bringing it in into the squadron.

Membership includes:
- FREE Admission (including one guest) to the museum
- FREE admission to Seattle Museum of Flight, Squamish Westcoast Railway Museum, and the Military Museum in Chilliwack
- Subscription to our quarterly Glidepath newletter
- 15% discount on all regular priced gift shop items

Application Form available HERE.

Cadets are encouraged to participate and volunteer as they will be able to win a flight in one of the vintage planes at the museum!!

Questions for the flight museum can be sent to info@canadianflight.com ; website: canadianflight.org

12 February 2011

General Cadet Knowledge Pocket Aide Memoire

The following pocket-sized GCK Aide Memoire can be printed and folded by cadets as a quick reference guide. Remember, this is basic information that all cadets should know.
Click for PDF