12 November 2019

Hair Night for ALL Female Cadets - 18 Nov

MANDATORY hair night for ALL females Cadets

When: Monday November 18th
Time: 6:30-7:30
Where: In the portable 
What to bring: hair supplies if you have them 
Dress: Civilian dress

If you have any questions please email meharmehta2003@gmail.com

Thank you 
FSgt Mehta
Flight 2 2IC

11 November 2019

FTX used gear

Those wishing to sell their old FTX gear, or those wishing to purchase “new to you” gear, there will be opportunity to sell/buy items on Thursday Nov 14, 2019 at break. Please bring on any items you wish to sell. Parents are welcome to the attend. 

Also for parents who are not receiving emails, please check your junk folder and notify chair746ssc@gmail.com to add to the email list. 

10 November 2019

ACNSTC - Part 2

Those applying to: IACE, PPS, GPS, AATC-AO, AATC-AM, Advanced Aerospace Course this year please see below.

Thank you to those who attended the ACNSTC briefing. If you're applying to these summer courses you must complete the following questionnaire by Thursday, Nov 14.

ACNSTC 1 Min Questionnaire

IACE, PPS, GPS applicants are expected submit all of their supporting documents to Capt Gandouin by Monday. Dec 2. 

Questions can be addressed to Capt Gandouin

09 November 2019

2019 Remembrance Day Participation

All Remembrance Day parades are mandatory for ALL Cadets. Flights have been assigned to specific parades; if the location you have been assigned does not work for you then please contact 2Lt Dickson during Thursday 7 Nov to be reassigned.  (ex. if families with Multiple cadets have been assigned to multiple locations)

Dress for all parades will be C1 Full Dress with Parkas, Cadets without uniforms are to wear Black Pants with a white shirt and an appropriate civilian jacket.



Who: Flight 4

Drop Off: 10:00am @ 176a St and 58 Ave 
Pick Up: 11:55am @ the Cloverdale Legion - 17567 57 Ave, Surrey

Guard meets at the Cenotaph at 9am.


Langley City:

Who: Band

Drop Off: 9:50am @ Parking lot to Timm’s Community centre
Pick Up: 11:45am @ Douglas Park

Guard meets at the Cenotaph at 9am.

Port Kells:

Who: Flight 2

Drop Off: 10:00am @ Port Kells Elementary School -19076 - 88th Ave
Pick Up:  11:45am @ Port Kells Community Hall   18918- 88th Ave

Guard meets at the Cenotaph at 9am.

Fort Langley:

Who: Flight 1

Drop Off: 10:00AM @ Fort Langley Cemetery West Parking Lot
Pick Up: 11:45AM @ Fort Langley Cemetery

Guard Meets at the Cenotaph at 9am


Who: Flag Party and Flight 3

Drop Off: 10:00am @ Murrayville Cemetery  21417 44 Ave
Pick Up:  11:45am @ Murrayville Cemetery  21417 44 Ave

Guard, Reader, and Flag Party meets at the Cenotaph at 9am.

06 November 2019

Weekly Uniform Focus (WUF)

For the next two weeks our Weekly Uniform Focus (WUF) will be focusing on Tunic's.  If you need some help with how to properly iron your tunic, make sure to ask your Flight Commander or a Sr. Cadet in your flight.  You can also click here and link to the 746 Uniform Guide where on Page 12 you will find some good information on how to properly care for your tunic.

05 November 2019

Thursday, 7 Nov

This Thursday will be training as normal.

When: Thursday, 7 Novt, 18:30 - 21:15pm
Where: 746 Sqn, 5333 216 St Langley (Hanger 5)
Dress: C1a - Full Dress, with parka if needed.
Cadets without uniform - white dress shirt, black dress pants and black shoes. Bring weather appropriate coat.

03 November 2019

746 Swag!

Back by popular demand, 746 Lightning Hawk swag!! There will be a parent out at the end of parade for the next Nov 14 & 21 if you wish to purchase by cash or check. If you’d like to purchase by credit card please order through the website below (note a small credit fee is added to online credit orders).


SSC meeting

Reminder we have a Sponsor Committee meeting tomorrow night, Monday November 4 @ 1900. 

28 October 2019

LEVEL 1 FTX - Parent and Cadet Meeting - Mon, 4 Nov 1900-2030 hrs

For all first year cadets, with your first Field Training Exercise coming up in one month, we are holding a meeting for you to understand what you will need in preparation.  We will discuss what to expect, and what kit you will need to bring with you.

Date: Monday, 4 Nov
Time: 1900-2030
Where: 746 Squadron
Who: First Year Cadets planning to attend the FTX and their Parents

27 October 2019

FTX Nouveau D├ębut

We will be having our level 1 and 2 Field Training Exercise at the end of November.  This is an opportunity for first and second year cadets to learn about survival in the field and then try it out.  You'll learn about collecting food, finding water, building shelters, survival psychology, ground to air communication and so much more.

What; Survival Field Training Exercise
When; November 29th to December 1st of 2019
Where; Area C
Notes; Cadets must sign up to be able to go

21 October 2019

Annual Validations & DHQ's Required

Any returning cadet who has not completed their Annual Validation Form must come see Lt(N) Chidlow in the Admin Office ASAP.

If you have been given a Detailed Health Questionnaire to complete but have not yet returned it, please do this as soon as possible. You must return the DHQ ASAP in order to not have your training interrupted.

The following cadets must come see Lt(N) Chidlow in the Admin Office
  • Cdt Welk
  • Cdt Kennedy
  • Cdt Deglau

19 October 2019

Poppy Distribution - Community Service Opportunity

Every year, our Squadron is actively involved with our community.  One of the big contributions we make is assisting our Veterans with the distribution of Poppies during the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day.  This year, we are assisting for the 3 weekends prior to Remembrance Day.

It is expected that every cadet signs up for AT LEAST one shift, and that their parent is able to both Drive and Supervise their cadets for that shift.  At least one driver is needed for every 2 cadets.  Please arrange for drivers BEFORE signing up for your shift.

Dress: C3 - Full, with parka if needed.
Cadets without uniform - white dress shirt, black dress pants and black shoes. Bring weather appropriate coat.

Sign up Sheets will be available THIS THURSDAY - Prepare to sign up for at least one shift and have a driver.  Details as follows:

Date: Sat, 26 Oct
Time: 1000-1300 hrs and 1300-1600 hrs
# Cadets needed: 20 Per shift
Location: Cloverdale Legion - 17567 57 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1G8

Date: Sun, 27 Oct
Time: 1000-1300 hrs and 1300-1600 hrs
# Cadets needed: 20 Per shift
Location: Cloverdale Legion - 17567 57 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1G8

Date: Sat, 2 Nov
Time: 1000-1300 hrs and 1300-1600 hrs
# Cadets needed: 12 Per shift
Location: 746 Sqn, 5333 216 St Langley (Hanger 5)

Date: Sun, 3 Nov
Time: 1000-1300 hrs and 1300-1600 hrs
# Cadets needed: 12 Per shift
Location: 746 Sqn, 5333 216 St Langley (Hanger 5)

Date: Fri, 8 Nov
Time: 1700-2100 hrs
# Cadets needed: 12
Location: 746 Sqn, 5333 216 St Langley (Hanger 5)

Date: Sat, 9 Nov
Time: 1000-1300 hrs and 1300-1600 hrs
# Cadets needed: 12
Location: 746 Sqn, 5333 216 St Langley (Hanger 5)

Air Cadet National Summer Training Course (ACNSTC) Selection Process - GPS, PPS & IACE

Those that are applying for the Glider Pilot Scholarship (GPS), Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS) and International Exchange (IACE) undergo a National Selection Process.

This process has recently been updated at a National level! This process has been designed to be standardized across the nation and streamlined to reduce workload for squadrons, impartial, and transparent; thereby ensuring the highest merited cadets are selected for each opportunity.

Key dates for 2020 are as follows:
a.              30 Sep – 15 Dec 19 – Application period;
b.             15 Dec 19 – Application end date;
c.              6 – 19 Jan 20 – Conduct period for PPS / GPS exam;
d.             20 Jan – 16 Feb 20 – Conduct period for interviews;
e.             2 Mar 20 – Selections announced; and
f.              23 Mar 20 – Selections confirmed.
- Below you'll find two very important documents that should be read thoroughly for those GPS, PPS, and IACE applicants.

  • This document summarizes the application process in 5 major steps.
  • This is a very detailed instruction on the new ACNSTC process covering info on the selection process, different responsibilities (including the cadet's) and deadlines.
For those applying to a ACNSTC course (GPS, PPS, IACE), a briefing will be held on THURSDAY, NOV 7 during break a questions can be address to Capt Gandouin. 
- For all other summer course inquiries, more details will follow.

07 October 2019

Effective Speaking

The Effective Speaking program is open to all enrolled cadets and will give you the tools, practical experience, and opportunity to expand your skills as an effective speaker, and best prepare for the annual effective speaking competition held by the British Columbia Provincial Committee

Image result for air cadets effective speaking pinWhen? Starting 21 OCt 19, Monday Nights, 1900-2100.
Where? Upstairs Hangar 5, Classroom 1
Who? Open to all cadets! Sign up sheet available through FSgt Becker.

For more information, please visit: https://bc-aircadetleague.com/programs/effective-speaking-program/

12 September 2019



With over 150 cadets at our squadron, drop off and pickup time on Thursday night at cadets has become increasingly congested.  Please try to drop off your cadets or park near the Museum of Flight or in the parking spots near the entrance to the airport.  Please DO NOT pull into the driveway nearest the Hangar.  It is a very busy area with pedestrians.

THERE SHOULD BE NO STOPPING ALONG THE ROADWAY!  PLEASE DO NOT STOP OR PARK ALONG THE FENCE.  If you are waiting for your cadet, either use an open parking spot along the sidewalk, or park closer to 216th Ave or down by the Museum of Flight.

Also it is important to keep your speed to a MAXIMUM of 15kph driving in and out of the roadway.  It is quite dark in the area and there are many people walking to different areas.

Cadets please remember you are wearing dark clothing and are very hard to see on dark rainy nights.  Be aware of the vehicles around you and try to stay in lit areas.

The safety and well being of the Cadets is important.  Thank you for your cooperation.

05 June 2014

Museum of Flight Air Cadet Membership Form

IF you would like to sign up for the FREE Air Cadet Membership form for the Museum of Flight at the Langley Airport, you can do so by downloading and filling out the application form and bringing it in into the squadron.

Membership includes:
- FREE Admission (including one guest) to the museum
- FREE admission to Seattle Museum of Flight, Squamish Westcoast Railway Museum, and the Military Museum in Chilliwack
- Subscription to our quarterly Glidepath newletter
- 15% discount on all regular priced gift shop items

Application Form available HERE.

Cadets are encouraged to participate and volunteer as they will be able to win a flight in one of the vintage planes at the museum!!

Questions for the flight museum can be sent to info@canadianflight.com ; website: canadianflight.org

12 February 2011

General Cadet Knowledge Pocket Aide Memoire

The following pocket-sized GCK Aide Memoire can be printed and folded by cadets as a quick reference guide. Remember, this is basic information that all cadets should know.
Click for PDF